CMOS compatible and ultra broadband on-chip SiC frequency comb

The project

Under the title “CMOS compatible and ultra-broadband on-chip SiC frequency comb”, the SiCOMB project gathers 7 partners from both academic and industrial sectors. This project, led by the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), is funded by the FET Open scheme of the Horizon 2020 programme to demonstrate for the first time an on-chip Silicon Carbide frequency comb.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) material is abundant, and processing is complementary metal-oxide-silicon (CMOS) compatible. Thanks to the wide bandgap and exceptional nonlinear optical properties, the SiC frequency comb light source will cover ultra-wideband from near-ultraviolet to middle infrared where disinfection, lighting, communication, biosensing and gas sensing have an individual footprint, some of which is not covered by the standard lasers yet. Moreover, SiC in itself is environmentally friendly, biocompatible and shows an extended device lifetime and efficiency. Thus, the participants expect that there is potential for a breakthrough in the field of optical communications.

Our activities

In this project, Moverim leads the work packaged dedicated to dissemination, results valorisation and training. We are using our knowledge to build up effective dissemination and exploitation strategies addressing targeted stakeholders to guarantee a wide coverage of the project results and their utilisation in future research activities. We are coordinating activities to ensure the transfer of knowledge and results outside SiComb consortium, fostering debates to increase the project impact and visibility and initiate discussions with stakeholders sharing similar interests.

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