The MSCA and Citizens call 2023 is open for proposals!

The European Commission has announced a call for proposals under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme for the organisation of two successive editions of the European Researchers’ Night (2024 and 2025) and the implementation of the Researchers at Schools initiative during two consecutive years. An excellent opportunity to further engage common citizens in science while promoting your research work.

MSCA: context and main objectives

The MSCA and Citizens programme aims to bring research and researchers closer to the general population, raise awareness of research and innovation activities, and promote public recognition of science and research education. Among the initiative’s objectives, there is the will to demonstrate the researcher’s position in society and the economy, as well as the impact of research on citizens’ daily lives. In particular, it also attempts to pique young people’s interest in research and scientific vocations.

European Researchers’ Night and Researchers at Schools 2024-2025 call for proposals

The MSCA and Citizens call 2023 is open for the organisation of events for the two following initiatives:

  • The European Researchers ‘Night is the largest research communication and promotion event taking place across EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries.
  • Researchers at Schools initiative strengthens research-education connections by bringing researchers to schools to engage with pupils at all levels. They should discuss society challenges and research projects, addressing EU priorities and orientations.

The Commission highly encourages the involvement of researchers funded by Horizon Europe or previous Framework Programmes, notably by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Types of activities

European Researchers’ Night activities should combine education and entertainment, aiming to improve scientific knowledge base and engage young audiences. These events should include activities that can take various forms, such as exhibitions, hands-on experiments, science shows, simulations, debates, games, competitions, quizzes, etc. The European Researchers’ Night should promote the European Union and its impact on citizens’ daily life, while Researchers at Schools activities showcase researchers’ work and engage with pupils on climate change, sustainable development, and health issues. Candidates should design activities along the priorities of the EU-Missions.

General info


Total budget: 15,4 Mln € (expect ~ 50 projects to be funded, eligible costs will take the form of lump sum contributions)

The proposals must be submitted by the 25th of October, h 17:00 CET.

To know more about the call and the specific requirements, please refer to MSCA Work Programme 2023 – 2024 document!