Health virtual twins for the personalised management of stroke related to atrial fibrillation

The project

The TARGET project aims to develop innovative, personalised, and integrated multi-scale computational models (virtual twins) and decision-support tools for managing AF-related stroke. This comprehensive approach spans tracking health from a normal state through to pathophysiology, disease onset, progression, treatment, and recovery. TARGET focuses on preventing AF and AFRS, optimizing acute management and rehabilitation, reducing long-term disability, improving quality of life for patients and caregivers, and lowering healthcare costs. By partnering with experienced commercial entities, we accelerate the adoption of TARGET’s advanced technologies, complemented by new observational data from four meticulously designed prospective clinical studies. These studies will test and validate the personalized tools and virtual twin models through clinical trial simulations (virtual/in-silico), ensuring clinically meaningful outcomes. Funded with over 7 million euros from the Horizon Europe Programme, TARGET will conclude in December 2028.

Moverim activities

Within this project, Moverim is involved in WP9, focusing on effectively communicating project ideas, activities, and results to diverse audiences. Our role is pivotal in disseminating information to stakeholders, devising strategies to leverage results for regulatory approval, and collaborating with other initiatives for knowledge exchange. We ensure compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) across various work packages.

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