Applying ARtificial Intelligence to Define clinical trajectorieS for personalized predicTiOn and early deTEctiOn of comorbidiTy and muLtimorbidiTy pattErnS

The project

Atrial fibrillation (AF), a condition that can lead to blood clots and strokes, is at the heart of the EU-funded ARISTOTELES project. This initiative aims to establish a multinational data platform to develop AI solutions for managing complex diseases with comorbidities. Leveraging innovative AI technology, ARISTOTELES supports patients with AF and other complex conditions by integrating AI into clinical practice. This integration facilitates the creation of personalised risk assessment and management tools, utilizing patient data ethically. The project adopts a holistic approach to AF treatment, focusing on timely diagnosis and intervention to slow disease progression, reduce disability, lower hospitalisation rates, and decrease mortality. Additionally, it seeks to enhance patient adherence to treatment plans. Funded with over 4 million euros from the Horizon Europe Programme, ARISTOTELES will run for five years, concluding in October 2028.

Moverim activities

Within WP8, Moverim plays a crucial role in facilitating the effective communication of project ideas, activities, and results to diverse audiences. Our responsibilities include disseminating information to healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers, as well as developing plans for regulatory approval of the project’s outcomes. Moverim also explores alternative implementation strategies for scientific advances to ensure a long-term impact and engages in collaborative initiatives to promote knowledge exchange and clustering activities.

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