Moverim at the e-SAFE 6th project meeting and public event in Timisoara!

On March 29th and 30th Moverim took part in the e-SAFE 6th project meeting in Timisoara (Romania), and it’s been 2 days full of exciting events and activities!


About the project

e-SAFE is a 4-year EU-funded research project under the Horizon 2020 framework. The project aims to contribute to the deep renovation of the EU building stock by developing an innovative, market-ready system that combines decarbonization goals with earthquake resilience, indoor comfort, reduced implementation time and costs, affordable financing, reduced occupants’ disturbance, and increased aesthetic and functional attractiveness. The project includes demonstrating the e-SAFE system in one real and two virtual pilot buildings.


6th project meeting and a public event in Timisoara!


Over the two-day-meeting, Moverim together with the other partners of the e-SAFE Team visited the pilot region, met with local people and authorities and took part in the e-SAFE public event “Green and seismic safe school for Timisoara”.

The event, hosted by the POLITEHNICA University of Timișoara, was open to the public and it has been an excellent opportunity to learn, discuss and imagine how to build greener and safer schools for all. Representatives from Liceul Banatul, POLITEHNICA University of Timișoara, and e-SAFE project partners gathered all together for a constructive and stimulating discussion. The event allowed to unveil the renovation plans developed by experts together with Liceul Banatul students and to present the innovative approach that actively brought school children into the design process. All the participants were offered the opportunity to discuss the benefits of renovation and address the next steps for a future renovation of Liceul Banatul.

Florin DRĂGAN, Rector of POLITEHNICA University of Timișoara and Ramona ROMAN, Director of Liceul Sportiv Banatul welcomed the public and underlined the value of e-SAFE outcomes for the city and its community. Among the many exciting speeches given by representatives of the project’s partner, the coordinator of e-SAFE, Prof. Giuseppe Margani of University of Catania, explained the main concepts behind the project. Venera Pavone of University of Catania, together with the students from Liceul Sportiv Banatul, presented the activity “codesigning an energy efficient and seismic-safe project” that was performed in Timișoara over the past months. The students co-designed with e-SAFE experts the renovation plan for their school, understanding its process and contributing with their ideas. They found this new experience very interesting, as it was something they had never done.

Ioan Silviu DOBOȘI, President of the Romanian Association of Building Services Engineers thanked the e-SAFE consortium and said that renovating the Liceul Sportiv Banatul marks an opportunity for the city of Timisoara, which was selected as European Capital of Culture 2023!

Finally, Laura Saija of University of Catania closed this exciting event, stating that e-SAFE is a little bit more than just renovating buildings: “In a world where technical knowledge is far removed from the daily experience of living in a building, the project allowed students to say something meaningful about the spaces in which they live”.

During the event, codesign activities were organized, and both students and teachers were involved.

Students of Liceul Sportiv Banatul could also present renovation plans to increase the energy efficiency and seismic resilience of their school.


e-SAFE buildings on TV!


Ramona Roman (Director of the Liceul Sportiv Banatul), together with Laura Saija (consortium member from University of Catania) were featured in TVR Timisoara. They talked about the goal of e-SAFE, the role of Liceul Sportiv Banatul and the importance of securing funding for the project. It is important to demonstrate to students that their ideas and creativity matter and set an example for other schools and municipalities regarding renovation and codesign that involves children and encourages future generations to think about renovation and sustainability.

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