European Sustainable Energy Week 2023: a pathway to a greener future!

From 20th to 22nd June, the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW2023), the largest annual event dedicated to renewable energy and the efficient use of energy organised by the European Commission, took place in Brussels.


The theme of the 2023 edition was ‘Accelerating the clean energy transition – towards lower bills and more skills’, the event included a range of activities aimed at building a secure energy future for Europe by bringing together experts, policymakers and stakeholders from across Europe to explore innovative solutions and strategies for a greener and more sustainable energy future. Given the pressing need to tackle climate change and achieve carbon neutrality, the event served as a platform for exciting discussions, knowledge exchange and collaboration.

EUSEW2023 highlighted the significant progress European countries made in deploying renewable energy, with success stories from various nations serving as an inspiration to others. Participants shared best practices and lessons learned, contributing to the collective knowledge base and promoting collaboration between countries.

The topic of the skills needed to achieve the goals set in energy efficiency and sustainability was primarily discussed , Ebba Busch – Swedish Minister of Energy, Business and Industry – pointed out, ‘the renewable energy industry wants to expand, but it needs skilled workers; we must respond with education, research and above all by demonstrating that jobs in the transition sector are attractive and have a future with enormous potential’.


The 3-day programme included 7 plenary sessions and 60 policy sessions covering skills, energy efficiency, affordability and inclusion, renewable energy and decarbonisation topics. The first day of EUSEW2023 started with a keynote speech by Kadri Simson – European Commissioner for Energy – who emphasised that ‘home-grown green energy and energy efficiency are the only solutions for cheaper, cleaner and long-term energy security’.  This was followed by the prestigious EUSEW Awards, which recognise people and projects for their innovation and efforts in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Throughout the three-day event, attendees had the chance to explore the Energy Fair, which featured over 35 booths. Moreover, participants could engage directly with various EU-funded projects, gaining insights into their advancements and accomplishments.

EUSEW2023 is not only limited to the 3 days organised in Brussels, but also includes several events organised from April to July. These are the Sustainable Energy Days, organised locally, across Europe and beyond to promote clean energy and energy efficiency.

Since 2020, EUSEW has provided a platform for young professionals in the clean energy and climate change mitigation sectors to express their perspectives and insights. The European Youth Energy Day, an essential event component showcased the inaugural group of 30 Young Energy Ambassadors. Selected based on their contributions to advancing the clean energy transition in Europe, these individuals, aged between 20 and 35, shared their vision and thoughts on the subject.

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