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INNOVABONE is an integrated project EU funded under FP7 programme gathers together 14 partners and coordinated by the University of Vienna. INNOVABONE develops optimally performing bioinspired biomaterials mimicking the natural physiological processes underlying bone repair. INNOVABONE approach is to produce smart bioactive 3D scaffolds to fit within bone lesions, which we will then inject with functional, genetically-engineered self-solidifying elastin-like polymers with absolute-controlled molecular architecture and sequences containing specific domains for cell attachment, growth factors and calcium phosphate nanoparticles. The resulting bioactive, biodegradable scaffolds, biogels and regenerated bone will be analysed for biomaterial effects on bone growth, healing, foreign body reactions using cutting-edge in vitro assays, BioMEMS technology, in vivo animal models, non-invasive imaging and gene expression profiling for discovery of biomarkers associated with bone repair. The consortium ultimate aims are to ensure strong, healthy bone regeneration, reduce pain and suffering and to become a competitor in the biomaterials market of Europe. Moverim is proud to be partner of the INNOVABONE international consortium.

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