Highlights from the European Week of Regions and Cities 2023

Moverim did not miss the European Week of Regions and Cities again this year!

The #EURegionsWeek 2023, organised by DG Regio, has been a compelling forum that delved into the critical challenges faced by the Union at the regional and local levels. This year’s sessions were centred on key priorities that resonate with the evolving landscape of Europe at the dawn of the twin transition.

Energy transition and the management of post-industrial transformations took centre stage in many panels. Recognising the urgent need for green growth and environmental responsibility, the EU Regions Week highlighted the importance of tailoring strategies to the unique needs of each local framework, taking inspiration from success stories from EU regions and cities. Particularly compelling was the one of Vienna, deepened during the EU session “Local energy shift for security and sustainability”,  which in 2020 started a journey towards climate neutrality with a target set for the year 2040.

Equally important was the emphasis on up-skilling and re-skilling, particularly in the context of the twin transition, where environmental and digital dimensions meet. The European Week of Regions and Cities encouraged regions to invest in human capital and skills, empowering the workforce to adapt, evolve and thrive in the global changing economy. 

In the spirit of regional cooperation, many panels celebrated collaborative efforts among regions as drivers of technological development and innovation. Particular attention was given to the latest developments and stories coming from Interreg projects, involving public and private entities from all over Europe. The message was clear: when regions share their resources and expertise, they can create opportunities that extend far beyond their individual boundaries. 

Addressing the population and brain drain was another pressing concern. The event recognised that regions, provinces and cities need targeted strategies to reverse these trends, making regions more attractive to young talent and skilled professionals seeking vibrant and enabling communities. During the EU session “Retaining talent for regional growth”, there was not only an acknowledgment of the problem, but also an attempt to propose possible policy measures to tackle it through the analysis of the inspiring initiatives designed by the metropolitan city of Bologna (Italy) and by the Castilla-La Mancha region (Spain).  

In summary, the European Week of Regions and Cities 2023 provided an engaging platform for in-depth discussions and collaborative exploration of these critical challenges. By centering its focus on these priorities, the event successed in paving the way towards a more sustainable, competitive, and inclusive future within the European regions. 

The next European Week of Regions and Cities can’t come soon enough!