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Emphasis (Effective Management of Pest and Harmful Alien Species:Integrated Solutions) is a four-year project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon2020 Programme. The project deals with native and alien invasive pests threats(insects pests, pathogens, weeds) that damage natural and farming ecosystems and brings together 22 partners from 9 European Countries. Moverim contributes to the stakeholders […]

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INNOVABONE is an integrated project EU funded under FP7 programme gathers together 14 partners and coordinated by the University of Vienna. INNOVABONE develops optimally performing bioinspired biomaterials mimicking the natural physiological processes underlying bone repair. INNOVABONE approach is to produce smart bioactive 3D scaffolds to fit within bone lesions, which we will then inject with […]

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ATOPICA is a FP7 EU funded project lead by the Medizinische Universitaet Wien and Moverim is dealing with dissemination activities and stakeholders awareness. Atopica project is committed to quantifying the effects of environmental changes on Ambrosia (ragweed) pollen-induced allergic diseases in Europe. The main aim of the project will be to further understand how global […]

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