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Moverim has acquired solid competences and large experience in communicating, disseminating and transferring skills and knowledge from European research projects to citizens, stakeholders, media and international interlocutors.

Communication and dissemination strategy

Moverim develops strategies aimed at disseminating information related to projects in which it is involved and to their results, in order to maximize their impact. Developing a project, communication and dissemination are primary activities:
• An effective communication is fundamental for the visibility of your project
• The dissemination of results is essential to grant its transfer and use.

Located in Brussels, in the heart of the EU, Moverim is the ideal partner to give visibility to the project results at a European level and to strengthen relations with European associations, legislators, networks, and other projects. The dissemination of results implies long-term relationships with the stakeholders, with whom Moverim is regularly in contact.

Transfer of Knowledge

As partner of many European projects, during the 20-year activity, the company has developed several methods to involve and foster transfer of knowledge to several target groups:
Workshops open to citizens: carry the research results out of the labs and disseminate information about the possibilities offered by the European funds by guaranteeing benefits to the European citizens;
Conferences designed for the scientific and industrial community in order to allow the transfer of the produced innovation;
Round tables with policy-makers in order to support the European policies and decision-making through scientific evidence;
Cooperation with other projects by organizing joint events in order to encourage synergies and complementarities;
Formation and involvement of other interested subjects, while looking forward to transferring the results to the final users;
Engagement actions with stakeholders and final users in order to facilitate the joint creation process and to develop approaches suitable to specific needs;
• Participation in conferences, seminars and info days in order to build a network of contacts;
• Use of social media in order to create an online community interested in the project and thus facilitate the use of its results.

Furthermore, Moverim takes into account the protection of intellectual property rights, the definition of innovative business models and the creation of marketing assessments for the results generated by the partner projects.