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The “Strengthening Research and Innovation in Young Universities for Regional Development in Latin America” (I2LATAM) project is a 3 year Erasmus+ project lead by the Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia).

The project focuses on the development of R&I capacities in young Latin American HEIs, through the generation of knowledge-sharing spaces to stimulate the relationship with key regional socio-economic actors.  In the long term, it is expected that the exchange of knowledge, experience and good management practices will contribute to the region’s insertion in the global dynamics of research and innovation.

The project will result in the development of tools and methodologies to systematically map and match institutional capacities with regional opportunities, as well as in the creation/reinforcing of knowledge-sharing spaces, using succesful European models as example. Additionally, I2LATAM will develop research, development and innovation capacities in young researchers and R&I managers by launching an open access training package focused on key skills to promote regional and international collaboration.

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