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9409313_mWe provide outstanding consultancy and advisory services to universities, research centers and many types of businesses and not-for-profit organisations. We implement capacity building processes. We’ll start by getting to know our clients and their activities. Our tailored solutions will help our partners to find the right opportunities of getting EU funds, EU positioning and strategy.

The service is organized into 3 phases:

the assessment: we begin by working closely with you, listening to what the organization’s leadership and staff hope to achieve. We want to reach  a consensus of the mission, values and objectives. During this process we offer the opportunity to evaluate individual and collective capabilities and goals.

the relationship:  it is important to identify the value in building a relationship, we help to bring our clients closer to EU, by understanding its culture and value systems and by aligning to  EU objectives and strategies. We act as a communication facilitator for a successful and relationship with the european Institutions.

the implementation: When the goals and direction for achieving organisational improvement are established, we provide:

• coaching and training to staff
• workflow  improvement (EU contracts)
• public relations
• resource development
• lobbying
• EU relationship management
• client relationship management

We are able to build a project strategy tailored to your needs and requirements as well as finding the right project partners. We have the experience, facilities and expertise to deliver problem-solving solutions and we ensure deliver results on time and on budget.

We provide complete integrated solutions for our customers, assisting them from project proposal preparation to the project implementation. We offer our experience to design the budget, the management structure of the project and to tailor the dissemination strategy. Moverim will assist you in optimising access to EU funds in several areas: research & development, innovation, transport, environment, energy, SME competitiveness, education and more.

Our experts can provide you tips and advices on how to develop a work plan, how to draft progress reports, how build the most suitable partnership for your proposal. You can take advantage of our experience in communication & dissemination plans, exploitation strategies and IPR issues