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Who we are

Since 2001, Moverim has been advising and supporting its clients in preparing, implementing and exploiting results of European projects, mainly in the field of Research and Innovation, in all its forms (scientific, social, environmental…). Based in Brussels, near the core of the European institutions, Moverim is specialized in advising and providing training about European projects funding, especially under FP7 and its successor Horizon 2020.
As a consultancy service, Moverim helps in building the partnerships, the capacity and the appropriate strategy for any European project. These missions are supplemented and strengthened thanks to constant monitoring of EU funding opportunities and new legislations, and taking part in every relevant event and conference, such as EU Infodays.
As a partner of several projects, Moverim handles tasks such as dissemination of results and transfer of knowledge, coordination and organization of events, or management of training sessions. Thanks to many years of experience in this area, Moverim provides high-level trainings on management and implementation of European projects, contracts, policies and strategies.

Gender Equality Plan

The European Commission is committed to promoting gender equality in research and innovation as part of its Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025.

As an organisation participating in the Horizon 2020 Programme, Moverim has chosen to support the Commission’s effort to strengthen gender equality within research and innovation field. Since our foundation, we have always championed gender equality within the firm and among our partners. This strong commitment is at the core of our Gender Equality Plan.

The Gender Equality Plan is a document that formalises the firm’s gender strategy into measurable objectives and actions. For the period 2021-2023, we are pursuing three main objectives:

• Promoting a gender equality culture among the firm’s partners, incoming trainees and clients;
• Promoting a gender-sensitive approach in the recruitment and career development of the firm’s partners and trainees;
• Promoting integration of work with family and personal life

To reach these objectives, we have planned a set of actions and dedicated resources. The plan represents the first step of a long term strategy for the incoming years. We will periodically review our policy as we reach the objectives mentioned above.

To find out more about the actions we are carrying on, you can download our Gender Equality Plan for 2021-2023. You can also find the letter of commitment in which we pledge to work for a more diverse and inclusive society.

Further information:
Moverim Gender Equality Plan
Letter of commitment – Gender Equality Plan

Social innovation

Over the past few years, Moverim has developed a fast-growing awareness of present and future societal and environmental challenges. We believe that everyone, from international consortia to individuals, can take part in the decision-making process, and contribute to improving our economic models and our ways of consumption.

That’s why, and also in accordance with the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy for smarter, more sustainable and inclusive growth, we have initiated a strong commitment for social innovation, in the broad sense. For example, we intensify our efforts in developing distance learning tools, such as webinars, to be used in our trainings.

We are already taking part, and for sure will broaden our participation in projects that promote and foster :

• social innovation,
• circular economy,
• responsible research innovation

Through the projects where we are partners, such as Atopica and InnovaBone, we believe we can contribute to driving positive and lasting social impact, as well as environmental awareness. We support and facilitate the creation of networks, and collaboration as a mean to achieve greater goals.